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25 May
East Rand meeting at Werner’s Bistro

The next Wort East brewing meeting is taking place on Thursday 25 May at Werner’s Bistro in Bedfordview

We have a great evening planned.

We will be giving feedback on the recent Worthog’s Summer Beer Festival held earlier in May.

We will also discuss the upcoming Wort East Winter Beer fest taking place in July.

Our guest speaker for the evening is Brendan Hart from Frontier Beer Company presenting his Hop Art Project – 6 different Pale Ales that use 6 different experimental SAB hops. We will taste, rate and give feedback on the different beers. A fantastic and exciting opportunity! There will be plenty of Frontier IPA on tap on the evening to enjoy!

We will also be getting some info about the upcoming Beer Boot Camp and of course we will enjoy dinner together.

There will be League tasting as usual and we will get to taste many of the super beers that were served at the Summer beer Fest. Should be great!

Please remember to register and let us know if you are bringing beers for tasting: http://old.worthogbrewers.co.za/db/meetings_register.php


13 June
Copperlake meeting