How to join?

At WHB, we’re about brewing better beer together. Our various chapters get together every second month, with each Club having their own venue and dates.

At the meetings you will hear all sorts of talks that relate to brewing, which can include topics like water treatment, recipe design or yeast management. We also do League Tasting, where members bring their beer in and the club tastes and rates them. It’s very valuable to get feedback on each brew. It’s also a lot of fun!

The best thing about WHB is that you learn at every get together. We are comprised of all levels of brewers, from novice to commercial and there’s plenty of knowledge to go around.

Wort Hogs Brewers Club works on an annual subscription basis. Subs are R150 a year and it allows you the following:

  • Discounts at meetings: we all pay to attend meetings (to cover the meal) but members pay less.
  • Entries for WHB beer festivals: tickets are sold to members first, guests second.
  • Pledging beer for events: Only members can pledge beer for any of the great festivals we host. With your pledge, there are generally free tickets involved for you and friends too.
  • Entry into the League Tasting: only members league scores will count towards the annual results and prizes.


You firstly need to register on the old website: here.

Thereafter you need to pay your annual subscription of R150 to become a member.

The bank details for the payment are as follows:

Standard Bank
Acct no – 038402769
Branch – Eastgate
Branch code – 018505

You can send the payment confirmation along with your name as the reference to Grant Richardson:

Once you are a member, you and your family members enjoy lower meeting costs at all of our chapters. You are able to join various brewery tours during the year and attend our Summer and Winter Beer festivals. You can also pledge beer as a brewer to our Summer and Winter Beer fests.