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This page provides summary information for any person new to the Wort Hog Brewers and their website.

The Wort Hog Brewers (WHB) are a group of homebrewers based in South Africa who aim to promote beer brewing as a hobby and the responsible drinking of this magnificent beverage. The following points should provide you with enough information to understand the club and this website.

  • The WHB's club grew in the period post 1995 due to the energetic activities of a number of homebrewers in the Johannesburg & Pretoria region of South Africa. The WHB's hold meetings early in every second month of the year and have mostly met at venues in and around Pretoria. The club has grown however in such a way that a regular meeting in Johannesburg is now also possible. Furthermore, a small group of homebrewers in South Africa's 'Eastern Cape Province' have taken on the WHB name. In time we hope other groups in South Africa will work with us to establish other regional homebrewing clubs. You can contact the Pretoria / Johannesburg WHB's here : Email the WHB CLUB CHAIRPERSON or the WHB WEBMASTER.

  • So, if you are situated in easy reach of Pretoria, Johannesburg or Port Elizabeth then there are homebrewers already waiting to meet you ! An additional group of brewers exists in the region around Cape Town and go by the name of the 'Western Cape Homebrewers Association'. To get contact details for the 'Wort Hog Brewers - Eastern Cape' or the 'Western Cape Brewers Association' please visit the WHB Discussion Forum on this website and view the messages under their respective sections.

  • If you are able to attend the WHB's 2-monthly meetings then it is worth your while to join the club. Membership works on a calendar year basis at R120 per person per year. The easiest way to join the WHB's is to attend one of the 2-Monthly meetings and pay the membership fee at the door. Members have access to our extensive collection of brewing magazines and books, a massive benefit for just R120 a year when you consider that most of the magazines and books cost far in excess of this and that you can borrow many each year. Members are also first in line to attend the various brewing tours that the club organises each year and are permitted to either exhibit or attend the WHB's annual Summer Beer Festival ... an awesome display of homebrewed beer if ever there was one, go see : An example of a WHB Summer Beer Festival

  • In between meetings the WHB's make extensive use of the internet to communicate, so if you want to get involved 'online' you have a number of options :-

    • Register as a 'WHB Website User'.
      This is done through the menu item 'THE CLUB', there is an option for the 'Users Section / New User Sign-Up' ... just follow the instructions on that page and you will be immediately registered with this website, alternatively click here : Sign-up as a WHB Website User. Registered users will receive emails about forthcoming meetings and events. All persons who become WHB club members should register with the site. If you register as a site user then you can access information about all of the other brewers who have registered, for instance find out who brews near you ! In January 2005 we had 49 brewers from 4 countries listed, maybe there's someone brewing just up the road from you ? There's really no better way to learn than by viewing a brew session firsthand !

    • Sign-Up with the WHB's Daily Email Discussion Group.
      This involves signing up with a service offered by the Yahoo Groups website (but you don't have to visit their site to sign up). Once you've joined you can send an email to a single email address and it automatically gets bounced to around 120 amateur and professional brewers. This is a quick way to ask questions and you will receive between 0 and 5 emails a day. Replying to queries is as easy as hitting 'reply' in your email software. You can register with this email group from the WHB website ... Join the WHB's Daily Discussion Email Group

    • Register at the WHB's Online Discussion Forum.
      The WHB's have an WHB's Online Discussion Forum where registered users can post questions and answers. You will need to register for the 'Online Discussion Forum' separately to the 'WHB Users Section' ... sorry about that but we never managed to merge the username & password functionality, hence you will end up with a username and password as a 'WHB Website User' as well as a 'Discussion Forum user'. What's nice about the Discussion Forum is that replies are stored for you to view later and you can for instance search previous postings for information on any topic. The Discussion Forum is not used as much by the brewers because you have to actually visit the webpage and so most people prefer the Yahoo Groups service above. However ... you should remember that by using the Discussion Forum you only have to answer a person's question once, what we see with the Daily Email Discussion Group is the same question being posted repeatably over the years and people retyping their responses ... so, go on, make use of the Online Discussion Forum !!

    All parts of the site can be accessed from the menu bar at the top of each page, so spend sometime exploring the various entries :

    • THE CLUB item gives you access to information about the club, access to the Users Section and info on our members and the annual committee that runs the club.

    • The EVENTS item contains links for our meetings, beer festivals, calendar of activities and homebrewing competitions.

    • The PHOTO GALLERY consists of two sections :

      1. The official WHB Club pictures added over time and;

      2. A set of picture galleries added by the brewers themselves. Anyone can view these galleries but to add your own pictures you need to register with the gallery.

    • The RESOURCES item contains links to a Suppliers Database, a Directory of Brewers, Homebrew Links, Web Pages of our members, a Technical Library and even an Online Recipe Forumulator.

    • Finally, the SEARCH item allows you to search the whole WHB website.

    Still have a question : Email the WHB CLUB CHAIRPERSON or the WHB WEBMASTER.